Monday, 15 September 2014

The Creative Blog Hop

Hi everyone - a different kind of post from me this week - a blog hop!

The Creative Blog Hop

It's Monday & time for The Creative Blog Hop & my turn to join in.
The idea is for us, as Bloggers, to get to know each other better. Each Blogger answers four questions about themselves & afterwards they 'tag' three more Bloggers. It is always held on a Monday.

My Tagger:

I was tagged by Rebecca. I only met Rebecca recently on Oak House Studio FB page & blog. She asked for people to do the blog hop - I volunteered so here goes! Please check out Rebecca's blog.

About me:

I'm a fifty-something retired Dental Nurse (I can hear the groans!) I have been married to Keith for 35 years - yikes! where did all that time go??? We have one son, James 28, who is quite self sufficient & runs his own Graphic Design business & lives with his lovely partner Charlotte. We are 'grandparents' to his dog Poppy!
I have always liked doing 'crafty' things - drawing, painting, knitting, crochet, cross stitch and have dabbled at these off & on over the years.
I discovered card making & paper crafting about 10 years ago & love it! It has helped through some difficult times, mainly my parents illnesses,dying & having to deal with everything that entails - still have some things to sort through even now, but I will get around to it. I miss them both every day.
I am lucky to have been able to retire early & now I can craft my days away, which I enjoy enormously. Keith also only works 3 days now so we have the luxury of a long weekend together every week - which we love.
I am trying a few thing out of my comfort zone - mixed media & getting inky in general. I am also trying quilting as have a lovely new sewing machine.

1. What Am I Working On Now?

I am working on various challenges at the moment, and making the odd Christmas card or two trying to get in front with these.
I am loving being part of ATC challenges at the moment - small pieces of art travelling all over the UK & the world!
I am in the process of making a quilt for my friend's new granddaughter - hopefully I'll finish it before she's too old to use it!
I have recently discovered an easy way to make boxes, so can see me doing quite a bit of that running upto Christmas!

2. How does my work differ from others in my genre?

Who knows!
I love looking around people's blogs, seeing how they create things & how they do it. Everyone's work is different. That's why I like the challenges & swaps - people making the same things but each with that persons different take on the theme.

3. Why do I create what I do?

Usually as part of a challenge or for a commissioned piece. I like to make pieces for the home as well. I generally just like doing & making anything. Some things may not turn out as I expected but that's the joy of creating things, taking you on different paths to explore.

4. How does my creative process work?

I usually  have a look at what challenges are going on around FB & Blogger, seeing if I can get some inspiration. Sometimes I just sit at the table & play around with various things, I try to enter challenges often as I think it keeps the 'juices' flowing, and makes me try different techniques. If it's for a commissioned piece I usually start with what that person likes - favourite colours etc.

What happens next?

I am delighted to introduce the three talented bloggers I've tagged ( in no particular order). I know these bloggers through a group on FB called Craftywaffle Challenges. There are various challenges & swaps going on throughout the month - check it out. They will continue the blog hop on Monday 22nd September.
Please come back next week & make time to visit their lovely blogs.


Hi My name is Beth I have been crafting for numerous years either knitting,sewing,decoupage or other things.I now mainly do cards,but have recently been introduced into altered image type of crafting and also making boxes and covering pieces with material of a different form.
I also like the shadow box type of crafting it gets my creative juices flowing.


Hi my name is Gillian I've been crafting for about 7 years now. I started off with a Christmas card kit and it went from there, now I do all sorts of crafts paper crafts,altering things,stamping, will try anything once love to meet other crafters and see their work, I have a you tube channel and also run a crafting group on face book thanks for the opportunity to be part of this blog hop its my first one, speak soon.


Hi, my name is Stefanie, and I've been crafting on and off for as long as I can remember. 
It started off with knitting with my Grandma when I was young, through to doing cross-stitch in my mid- teens to early twenties. Now I like a mixture of crafts, from quilting, to embroidery and paper crafting to my all time favourite (as I've recently discovered) messy mixed media - I just love getting inky, painty fingers!! 
I decided to start my blog to help me maintain healthy positive thinking after struggling for years with Fibromyalgia - I find that by reflecting on my little crafty achievements I can cope better with the day to day effects of my illness. 
Her blog is here - please pop over.

Unfortunately the 2 of the people I nominated have decide not to continue with the bloh hop - please go back to Rebecca's blog & follow it from there - out of my control, sorry.

Thanks for stopping by,

Bev xx


  1. wow wow wow .......well done this looks so fabulous.I cannot wait for my turn.You have made an excellent job of your blog,I just hope I can do the same love it....beth

  2. Interesting blog post and lovely to learn more about you.
    Linda xxx


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