Monday, 22 April 2013

Busy time

Hi has been a while since I last posted anything.
A few things have happened - I have retired from work - whoop! Keith has cut his hours at work down to 3 days - Mon, Tues, Wed - so we get long weekends together, which is working out great. Good to have a few days to do things together without being too tired etc.
A big thing I have done is PASSED MY DRIVING TEST!!! YAY!! Can't believe I put myself through that at my age, but now I've done it can't believe I haven't done it before now.
So I am tootling about - take Keith to work then tootle around doing things I have to do. I love it!
No doubt Keith finds it strange being driven instead of driving - good job his hair was already white!!
Another thing I am doing is the online 21 Secrets Workshops.
I have enjoyed looking around the different ones, but decided to start with Cathy Bluteau's Doodling Our Way - which is a combination of collage & doodling.
It took me a while to get going but once I did I really enjoyed it.
Here's what I did - hope you like it.


  1. what d'you mean "at your age"?? you're young yet
    this is gorgeous, you're a real artist......pfffffftt lol it's really awesomeski ;) xx

  2. Congratulations on passing your driving test.
    Your doodling looks great.


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