Wednesday, 13 June 2012

funny week

Well it's been a funny week. I am on holiday from work, weather cold & raining. Have been trying to get a card done for a relatives wedding, am mostly there & will hopefully get it posted on here by end of week. also am in process of selling Dad's house, contracts exchanged and completion hopefully this Friday, strange feelings about this - sadness at the thought of selling, but think this is mostly to do with missing Mum & Dad, but relief that things are finally being resolved. Going through all their things, deciding what to keep & what to donate to various charities has been upsetting to say the least and I don't know what I would have done without lots of help & support from Keith & James ( even though Keith's Mum is not well, he managed to make time for helping), James was great taking me to solicitors, bank & any other place I needed to go - even taking me out to Castleton & lunch one day - which was a grateful change from all the arranging, telling people etc. Hopefully now a little normality will come back into our lives, I still get upset and the silliest things can 'set me off '. I sometimes can't believe that in what seems such a short space of time I have lost both my parents to that horrible C word, though I must say that Dad was never the same after Mum died in December 2008. One of the things I think I have found most therapeutic was going through all the photo's and scanning them - brought back memories and some tears were shed but I enjoyed doing it. I am hopefully going to put them all into a book, when I get them in some sort of order.
Here is a scrap page I made with Craft Artist, using some of the scanned pics, I also found the list of things Mum wanted Dad to get for her when she came out of hospital with me & my birth announcement in the local paper - hope you like it.

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