Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Hi everyone - not been on here since before Christmas. Dad has had to have another operation and has needed quite a bit of looking after and Keith's Mum is not too well at the moment, so what with looking after them & work my mojo just seems to have disappeared. Keep trying to get motivated but just can't seem to get any inspiration - mind on other things I suppose. I am going to try and make something this weekend ( thought if I posted on here it might make me do something! ). Am looking around your lovely blogs for inspiration and a challenge that takes my fancy. Hope everyone is ok.
Watch this space. . . .


  1. Hi Bev

    It doesn't sound like you have had much time for crafting will all that you have been doing.

    Looking after a relative can be very demanding and tiring so to be looking after two must be exhausting. I hope they are both improving now.

    Take it easy and look after yourself amongst all of this.

    Love Jules xx

  2. Hi Bev, good to see you back on here. Sorry to hear about your dad and MIL. I hope things improve soon and you feel up to crafting again! xx


Thanks everyone for your lovely comments. So kind of you to take the time to visit.
Bev xx