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Monday, 30 May 2011

Card for Dad

I made this card using Craft Artist - I know it's cheating a bit but was messing around with it ( trying to get some motivation/inspiration) & thought it came out well so I decided to post it and see what people thought. I used a scanned pic of myself (taken not too long ago ! :D ) and various elements from my digikits. Think it might cheer Dad up a bit when he opens his card.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Hi everyone - not been on here since before Christmas. Dad has had to have another operation and has needed quite a bit of looking after and Keith's Mum is not too well at the moment, so what with looking after them & work my mojo just seems to have disappeared. Keep trying to get motivated but just can't seem to get any inspiration - mind on other things I suppose. I am going to try and make something this weekend ( thought if I posted on here it might make me do something! ). Am looking around your lovely blogs for inspiration and a challenge that takes my fancy. Hope everyone is ok.
Watch this space. . . .